Multi Camera Produced Live Stream

A LoveStream for every couple | Virtual weddings for everyone

Having a wedding/event and need it live streamed?

Invite your family and friends to online Wedding & Events, make them special by showing your wedding and events live.  We can live stream your wedding with multiple cameras and push your live stream to multiple sites all at once.

Professional cameras capture the live stream and our live production team handles advanced live editing and then push out to our hosted streaming site, Facebook, YouTube or even all of them at once!


Package 1



Up to 1hr of Livestream

One camera | One operator | One platform

Package 2


Up to 2hr of Livestream

Two cameras | Two operators | One/Two platform 

Package 3


We can create a custom package just for you.

Stream from up to 6 cameras Intro Designed pages Extro designed pages Intermission slideshow Lavalier clip-on microphone As per need, multiple cams, multiple operators, more hours etc. Our all-inclusive service is perfect for couples who want a professional videographer to broadcast their wedding online.

Even if your wedding is in a remote location or outdoors, we have the best professional broadcasting tools available to stream from practically any venue.


  • Cinema cameras
  • Quality HD Video
  • Pre-event Live link
  • Share worldwide
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Chat Options & more.
  • We use portable wifi too if needed
  • Youtube link live for rewatch
  • Get a copy of the wedding/event at the end of the day in a USB drive.

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