We at Nisarg Media Productions, – Story Tellers.

We create a custom handcrafted film for each and every couples with a different touch of love and story.

With all of our film shooting collections, you will have an option to enjoy multi- cam, original, and creative to documentary style film.

We use all the latest gears and technology to your wedding film.

We are professional and attentive to your needs and requests, providing services for all your wedding needs.

Wedding Films Chapters

Proposal / Engagement

Pre-wedding / Save the Date / Mehindi / Haldi

Makeup shoot Bride/ Getting ready Groom

Park Shoot / Wedding / Reception

Each wedding is different and their needs too, we customized too as per your needs and event details. Contact now for personalized quote.


Frequently Asked Questions – NMP Wedding Films

How can I contact you?

Email – Hello@nisargmediaproductions.com /+ 1 437-344-0419

Where are you located?

Toronto, ON, Canada.

Can we meet you?

For Sure, Lets fix date, time and location if you are local here, or else we could do Skype too.

Will your team travel?

Yes, We do travel, Been to Winnipeg, Vancouver, Chicago, NewYork and more.

How soon will I get my film?

You will get in 6 to 10 weeks. But we’ve been told it’s worth the wait!

Do you shoot only weddings?

We do multicultural weddings and events.

How do you deliver your wedding films?

Online/Usb drives.

Do you offer same-day edits?

Yes, Although we do offer same-day edits, it is not something we recommend doing it.

If there is anything we have missed that you are looking for and do not see, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we would be happy to accommodate your needs.